HC Deb 28 October 1912 vol 43 cc31-2
63 and 64. Mr. CHAMBERS

asked the Postmaster-General (63) whether he is aware that at Belfast certain post office officials who are not being recommended for promotion are being frequently employed on substitution duties in the higher ranks contrary to the regulations; that one officer, who has a clean record and who is recognised as one of the best supervising officers at Belfast, has been so engaged for the past fifteen years, and that he has been passed over on two occasions; and will he say if it is intended to make any and, if so, what recompense to this officer for the increased responsibilities he has been compelled to undertake; and (64) if he is aware that, in connection with the recent promotion of an officer at Belfast to the position of assistant-superintendent (postal), two of the officers who have been passed over are fully qualified for the position; that they have been employed on travelling and surveying duties, and have satisfactorily performed, not only the duties of their present class, but also the duties of the class of assistant-superintendent; is he aware that the senior of these two officers has been employed as acting assistant-superintendent for an average of five months per year during the past fifteen years without complaint from his superiors; and will he take steps to secure that this officer's qualifications shall receive proper consideration when the next vacancy occurs?


I am not aware that any officer is being employed at Belfast as substitute on higher duties contrary to the regulations, but I am aware that two overseers at Belfast, who have from time to time acted as substitutes on higher duties, have recently been passed over for promotion. They had not performed satisfactorily either the travelling and surveying duties or all the duties proper to the overseers' class, and neither could be regarded as so well qualified for advancement as the officer who was selected. The usual payment for the increased responsibilities has been made, when warranted, under the ordinary rules. The claims and qualifications of these officers will continue to receive full consideration when further vacancies arise.