HC Deb 27 November 1912 vol 44 cc1252-3

asked if the name of Miss Willetl, the superintendent of the female staff at Woolwich Arsenal, was considered in connection with the filling recently of the position of controller of the typewriting staff at the War Office; by whom this lady's name was submitted; by whom she was interviewed; and who decided that her qualifications and experience were inferior to those of Miss Roads, formerly private secretary to the Secretary of State for War?

Colonel SEELY

The name of Miss Willett was considered with others in connection with filling the post of controller of typists, her name having been submitted by herself with a recommendation from a former head of her office at Woolwich. She was interviewed by the Assistant Secretary, by whom, in the normal discharge of his duties, the selection was made.


Is the appointment of Miss roads probationary, and before making the appointment permanent will the right hen. Gentleman consider applications from some of the candidates who at present are giving instruction to Miss Roads?

Colonel SEELY

I cannot accept that statement without further inquiry. I have had nothing to do with it personally, naturally enough, but the appointment is probationary and no doubt proper authorities will carefully consider whether it should be confirmed or not at the proper time.

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