HC Deb 27 November 1912 vol 44 c1270

asked whether the Port of London Authority have issued an order prohibiting stow-boat fishing in the Thames for three months; and, if so, the reason for this prohibition, seeing that it will take away the means of subsistence of a considerable number of men during the winter months when their opportunities for earning a living are limited?


A by-law was made by the Thames Conservancy, and confirmed by the Privy Council in 1893, which prevented the use of stow-boat nets in the Thames estuary below London Bridge from the 1st July, 1895. The by-law has not been repealed, and, under the terms of the Port of London Act, 1908, remains in force. No new by-laws have as yet been made by the Port of London Authority, but the Board understand that the subject has recently been under consideration, and that it is proposed to continue the existing prohibition.


Has the right hon. Gentleman taken into consideration the extreme hardship which is thrown upon these men, who have to depend upon this kind of fishing for a livelihood, and the fact that the prohibition was only made at the beginning of the season after they had replenished their gear and made every preparation, and that due notice was not given, as it ought to have been, at the end of the last season?


I should like to have notice of the question as to the notice given by the authorities. If the hon. Gentleman cares to ask me a further question I will get a report of what was actually done.