HC Deb 27 November 1912 vol 44 cc1270-1

asked how staff posts in the Labour Exchanges and unemployment insurance branch are filled; if such posts are reserved for second division clerks; and, of the staff posts now filled, how many are held by ex-second division clerks and how many by clerks who entered the service otherwise than by open competition?

The. PRESIDENT of the BOARD of TRADE (Mr. Buxton)

I assume my hon. Friend to refer to the staff posts, with a salary of £300–£400 a year, in the Central Office for Labour Exchanges and Unemployment Insurance and the minor staff posts of £200–£300 a year in the same office. The total number of appointments already made to these grades is twenty-three, fifteen of which have been filled by the appointment of second division clerks, one by transfer from another Department of the Board of Trade, three by the promotion of Labour Exchange officers, and four by appointment from the outside. Although, as I have already informed my hon. Friend, these posts are not reserved for second division clerks, it will be seen from the figures given above that full consideration has been given to (heir claims.