HC Deb 21 November 1912 vol 44 cc485-6
77 Mr. HOGGE

asked the Secretary to the Treasury (1) what powers the Lords of the Treasury claim to have in the internal management of the Scottish universities; and, if they do not make any claim how they justify their recent correspondence about the establishment of an inclusive fee for medicine in these universities; (2) why the Lords of the Treasury did not consult the Secretary for Scotland before they wrote refusing additional Grants to Edinburgh University unless the university adopted an inclusive fee in medicine and the applied sciences, and (3) if any representations have been pressed upon the Lords of the Treasury by the Carnegie Trust favourable to the adoption of an inclusive fee in medicine at the Scottish universities; and whether the proposed inclusive fee has been suggested solely or partly with a view to the convenience of that trust?


The Treasury make no claim to deal with the internal arrangements of the Scottish universities, but they are charged with the duty of laying down such principles as seem advisable as a condition of asking Parliament to vote Grants of public money. The inclusive fee was adopted as a condition of the additional Grant before the money-was voted by Parliament in 1911–12 and 1912–13, and was accepted in principle by the Scottish universities. No representations were received from the Carnegie Trust in the matter. If any objection to the principle is felt by any body of Scottish opinion I shall be glad to hear any representations they may wish to make on the subject.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that both the Edinburgh and the Glasgow Universities have already sent in representations against this?


No representations have been made to me. Perhaps I may receive them after the publication of the answer to this question.


Has not the right hon. Gentleman received any communication from the Council of Glasgow University?


It has not reached me personally.


Has there not been correspondence with the University of Edinburgh pointing out their extreme disapproval of this?


I should like to have notice of these questions.


Is not the payment of an inclusive fee the best way of avoiding difficulty?


I do not think I will enter into that controversy now.