HC Deb 12 November 1912 vol 43 c1841

On a point of Order. May I ask by what authority No. 2 on the Orders of the Day ("Government of Ireland (Money); Further Consideration of Resolution as amended") stands on the Paper? As the Resolution for the allocation of time says that the proceedings on the Resolution must be brought to a conclusion on the sixteenth day at 7.30, I should like to know how it can stand as an Order of the Day to be taken when the time has already expired within which it ought to be put down?


It is pursuant to an Order of the House made yesterday at the conclusion of the Debate. The House will have to make some provision for dealing with the Order—for getting rid of it or treating it in some way, or else alter the Resolution. That does not rest with me. The reply to the only question which the right hon. Gentleman puts to me is that the Order No. 2 stands on the Paper because the House itself yesterday ordered that it should stand there.