HC Deb 15 May 1912 vol 38 c1132

asked whether the punishment of forfeiture of wages, provided in the rules attached to the administration of the Coal Mines (Minimum Wage) Act for breaches thereof in the county of Northumberland, means that the defaulting worker forfeits the whole of his wages for the day or only that portion thereof which he has obtained through the operation of the Act?


The Board of Trade have no authority to interpret the decision arrived at with regard to the Northumberland district under the Coal Mines (Minimum Wage) Act, but I think that if my hon. Friend reads Rules 4 to 8 of the Schedule of the District Rules for Northumberland, he will see that what the workman forfeits for the breaches stated therein is his right to wages at the minimum rate, and not his right to be paid wages for the work performed by him.