HC Deb 06 May 1912 vol 38 cc20-1

asked whether the amount of the transferred sum under the Government of Ireland Bill, as set out in the White Paper, includes the deficiency on the working of the Post Office in Ireland; and, if not, whether, in consequence, the surplus at the disposal of the Irish Parliament would not be £500,000 but £250,000?


My attention has been drawn to a statement to this effect published in the Press, but it is founded on a misapprehension. The Transferred Sum will include the net cost of Irish services at the time of the passing of the Act, and, as it is proposed that the Post Office in Ireland shall be an Irish service, its net cost, that is the deficiency on its working, will be included in the Transferred Sum. The table on page 3 of the White Paper on the financial provisions of the Bill should make this clear.


In view of the fact that the table on page 3 of the Report of the Committee on Irish Finance has caused much misconception, will you append to it a note to say that the deficit in the Post Office is included in the present sum?


I have always regarded the table as quite clear. I do not know whether any future edition will be called for. I will consider the suggestion.