HC Deb 28 March 1912 vol 36 cc601-2

asked what amount of sick leave with pay was granted to Mr. Charles Green, second grade writer in the Expense Accounts Department, Portsmouth Dockyard; whether it was necessary to obtain Treasury sanction in this instance; whether it would have been within the power of the Admiralty to have granted sick leave with pay for any longer period; and, if so, what period of sick leave with pay can be granted without Treasury sanction to the members of the writing staff at the Admiralty and naval establishments?


Mr. Green was granted sick leave with pay for twenty-five weeks, half of the period being on full pay and the remainder on half-pay; it was not necessary to obtain Treasury sanction to do this, and further sick leave with pay could have been granted him without Treasury sanction. Sick leave within a maximum of six months on full pay and six months on half-pay can be granted to writers without Treasury sanction.


asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether he will furnish the names, rank, and department in which nerving of all writers who have been granted sick leave with pay in excess of the periods laid down in the Home Dockyard Regulations during the past three years; and the names and rank of any writers whose applications for extension of sick leave with pay have been refused by the Admiralty during the same period?


To furnish my hon. Friend with a complete Return in reply to the former part of the question would involve the expenditure of a considerable amount of time and labour, and I scarcely think this would be justified by the result. As regards the latter part, it is quite unusual for the Admiralty to find itself compelled to refuse an extension.