HC Deb 04 March 1912 vol 35 cc21-2
Mr. FRED HALL (Dulwich)

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, what is the total income of the Road Board up to date; how much of that income has been derived from London; what is the total amount of the Grants made by the Roard Board up till now; and what amount has been allocated to the improvement of road communications in London?


The total sum paid to the credit of the Road Improvement Fund up to date is £1,765,449; the amount derived from London is not known; the total amount of the advances made up to the present time is £510,887 (£483,584 by way of Grant and £27,303 by way of loan), including a small Grant for experimental work in London; in addition, further advances, amounting in the aggregate to £560,000, have been indicated to local authorities towards works of improvements, the details of which are now under consideration and discussion. The Board have also intimated that they are prepared, if application is made to them by the local authorities concerned, to contribute, subject to the approval of the Treasury, £875,000 towards the construction of a new western approach road to London.


Would the hon. Gentleman advise me what is the amount obtained from London? And with reference to the question of the £875,000, to what he referred, if that improvement is carried out? Am I to understand that the remaining £875,000 would have to be borne by Middlesex County Council and the London County Council?


I have already answered the first question the hon. Gentleman asked. The amount of the Motor Spirit Duty, which goes to the expenditure of the Road Board cannot be ascertained for London alone, apart from other parts of the country. As to the second question, whether the local authorities alone have the power, it will depend in part how any betterment clause is put into a Private Bill, which would have to be passed.

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