HC Deb 18 June 1912 vol 39 c1476
33. Mr. HUNT

asked whether, in view of the Regulations published by the National Health Commissioners on 11th June, with regard to persons ordinarily and mainly dependent for their livelihood upon some other person, old men and women kept on by employers on account of their long service to their employers or the family of their employers will be exempt from the National Insurance Act?


The position of these persons does not depend upon Regulations. If ordinarily and mainly dependent upon some other person they are entitled under the Act to a certificate of exemption. The question of dependence must be determined in accordance with the facts of each case, but service is not generally the same thing as dependence, whatever the employer's motives.


Cannot the right hon. Gentleman tell us what will happen? Are the Commissioners to settle, the point?


The Commissioners will be the ultimate Court. Any application for exemption certificates will be made through the pension officers, who will decide in the first instance.