HC Deb 19 February 1912 vol 34 cc279-80

asked the Postmaster-General whether he has further considered the question of local rating in relation to the telephone transfer; and whether he will be prepared to give contributions in lieu of rates based on the valuations appearing in the valuation rolls pending the revision of the basis of local taxation?


asked, in view of the transfer of the National Telephone Company's undertakings to His Majesty's Government, and the loss which must result to the local rates in consequence of such transfer, if the right hon. Gentleman can give an assurance either that the local rates on the National Telephone Company's undertakings will still be paid, or an equivalent contribution be made in lieu thereof based upon the annual value as appearing in the valuation lists?


also asked whether rates or their equivalent will in future be paid upon buildings and other property transferred from the National Telephone Company to the Post Office?


The Government have decided to pay contributions in lieu of rates on premises taken over from the Company on the same basis as in the case of other Government buildings. Contributions will also be paid on lines acquired from the Company in accordance with the assessments as they stood on the 30th of June last: these assessments will not be increased or decreased as wires are added or removed.