HC Deb 18 December 1912 vol 45 cc1482-3

asked if the Secretary for War will circulate an Instruction from the War Office to all general officers commanding districts to take such steps as may be necessary to issue an order to officers commanding regiments, or other units in their command, enabling them to offer facilities for all officers and men (other than those undergoing detention or punishment) to obtain Christmas or New Year's leave for the same period as that granted by the Government to Members of this House; if this is impracticable, then for at least one week for officers and four days for non-commissioned officers and men; and if at the same time he will cause simultaneous instructions to be issued that no compulsory inspections or church parades shall be ordered either on Christmas Day or on the Sunday following?

Colonel SEELY

Officers' leave and men's furlough are granted under the King's Regulations, the duration being published in Command Orders at the beginning of the leave season. In addition it is customary to spare as many officers and men as the exigencies of the Service allow at Christmas and the New Year. The holding of inspection or parades on Sundays is limited by paragraph 113, King's Regulations. Christmas Day, and in Scotch regiments New Year's Day, are treated as Sundays. It is not therefore practicable to treat these days differently from Sundays in respect of church parades.


Is not Hogmanay in Scotland a holiday?

Colonel SEELY

I have not heard of that.


If New Year's Day is to be regarded as a Sunday in the Army, will the right hon. Gentleman convey that suggestion to the Prime Minister.

Colonel SEELY

It is only so regarded in the Army, but not in Parliament.