HC Deb 09 December 1912 vol 45 cc15-6

asked whether the new system in regard to full pay and wages in the Royal Marines will have the effect that a major entered under the new system, and being of four years' seniority, will receive £27 7s. 6d. per annum more than a lieutenant-colonel entered under the old system, no matter how great his seniority may be; whether he is aware that similar inequalities are likely to arise in other ranks; whether he is aware that dissatisfaction is likely to be created by reason of the fact that officers entered before the 31st August, 1911, are excluded from the increase in pay; and will he take steps to put all officers of similar rank and seniority on the same footing of pay?


The answers to the first and second parts of the question are in the affirmative. These arrangements were made some time ago. As regards the third and fourth parts, the anomalies referred to will not begin to arise until the first officers entered direct complete their course of training in about three years' time, and it may then be necessary to review the scale of pay of officers entered under former conditions to prevent any injustice being done. At the same time it must be stated that a higher scale of pay for officers entered after August, 1911, was deliberately adopted in view of the naval qualifications which these officers will possess.


asked whether the right hon. Gentleman is aware that an officer entered in the Royal Marines shortly before the 31st August, 1911, and having the same rank and seniority as a brother officer entered shortly after the 31st August, 1911, will, by reason of the fact that the increased full pay and wages table of the new system is limited to officers entered after the date named, so operate that the former will, assuming similar progress in promotion, be at a disadvantage in full pay varying from about £65 per annum, when both are lieutenants with four years' seniority, to £246 7s. 6d., when both are lieutenant-colonels with four years' seniority; and whether he will take steps to remove this inequality of treatment?


The facts are as stated in the first part of the question. The second part of this question is covered by the answer I have just given.


asked why Marine officers were left out of the scheme for increasing the pay of officers and men of the Navy; if he is aware that cases exist under the new scheme where a lieutenant of the Royal Navy would be in receipt of 12s. a day, while a lieutenant of the Royal Marines would only receive 7s. 6d. a day; and if he will take this matter into consideration?


The matter is receiving consideration.