HC Deb 04 December 1912 vol 44 c2266

asked when it is hoped the "Valiant" and "Barham" will be laid down; what is their anticipated date of launch; what is their contract date of delivery and completion; how much money it is hoped will now be spent on them before the end of the present financial year; and what guarantees have been offered or given by the contractors against delays in completion?


It is expected that the "Valiant" and "Barham" will be laid down in January and February next, respectively; their probable dates of launching are December, 1913, and February, 1914, respectively. The contracts are not yet drawn, but the date to be inserted for completion will probably be January, 1915, for each ship. The estimated sum to be spent before the end of the present financial year is: "Valiant, "£57,100; and "Barham," £56,500. The contractors tendered on the basis of liquidated damages being recoverable in the event of any delay occurring beyond the contract date, and this condition will be included in the contracts.


Will the right hon. Gentleman take into consideration the enforcing of these penalties?