HC Deb 04 December 1912 vol 44 c2264
2. Mr. PETO

asked what regulations obtain in the Royal Navy as regards the tests imposed upon officers in respect to efficiency in colour and form vision; and whether, as regards the latter, the use of spectacles or other artificial aids to sight are permissible at sea?


I am informed that the regulations as regards form vision for all officers, other than medical, accountant, and chaplains, are, that they must have full normal near and distant vision as determined by Snellen's test types, without the aid of glasses. Colour vision is tested by Edridge-Green lantern and assorted coloured wools, and all officers must be able to distinguish readily the primary colours. In the case of form vision, no artificial aids to sight are permissible at sea, excepting in the case of those officers already mentioned, and also the use of telescopes and field glasses as an intermittent aid to normal distant vision.


Will the right hon. Gentleman consider the question of abandoning the wool test, seeing that it has proved wholly unreliable?


All these subjects are considered from time to time, and I believe our test to be a good and safe one.