HC Deb 01 August 1912 vol 41 cc2234-5

The question appears upon the Paper by mistake to-day, and unless the Chief Secretary is prepared to answer it I will postpone it until Monday. The question is whether a Bill to amend the compulsory Sections of the Irish Education Act, 1892, was submitted in 1909 to the Commissioners of National Education in Ireland for observations thereon; if so, did they make any such observations, and what were they; and is it intended now to initiate legislation on this subject?


I have got an answer. I do not know whether the hon. and learned Member will regard it as satisfactory or not. The answer is: The Bill referred to was a private Member's Bill, and was submitted to the Commissioners of National Education in 1909, who decided to take no action with regard to it. The answer to the last paragraph of the question is in the negative.