HC Deb 11 April 1912 vol 36 c1391
Captain CRAIG

asked the Chief Secretary whether he was aware that those Queen's scholars who entered training in the year 1898 got prior to their admission to a training school a notice to the effect that their initial salary would be £56 plus residual capitation Grant; whether those who had promises of schools, and under the then rules would be entitled to a salary of about £85 per year, were paid at the rate of £56 per annum; and whether now the Commissioners of National Education, the Irish Government, and the Treasury were prepared to investigate the whole question of the transition teachers?


The answer to the first paragraph of the question is in the negative. The Commissioners of National Education have no knowledge of the Queen's scholars who, it is alleged, had promises of schools prior to 1900, and they cannot say what incomes such teachers would have had under the old regulations had these regulations continued in operation. The Commissioners have already considered the question of the teachers referred to in the last paragraph of the question.