HC Deb 28 November 1911 vol 32 cc330-59

As amended (in the Standing Committee), considered.


had given notice to move the following new Clause:—

(Power of Assessing Authority to Collect Assessments by Instalments from Certain Owners and Occupiers.)

The Amendment which stands in my name is one which would largely, I think, facilitate the carrying out of an experiment in the collection of municipal assessments by instalments. It would ease the matter for many poor ratepayers generally, but, as I understand, the Government are not prepared to accept the Amendment and do not seem to believe there is the slightest advantage in discussing it, I do not propose to move.

  1. CLAUSE 4.—(Notice to Terminate Let.) 257 words
  2. cc331-51
  3. CLAUSE 7.—(Provision as to Rating of Small Dwelling-houses). 8,707 words, 1 division
  4. cc351-3
  5. CLAUSE 9.—(Exemptions from Hypothec.) 673 words
  6. cc353-9
  7. CLAUSE 10.—(Application and adoption of Act). 2,225 words, 1 division