HC Deb 28 July 1911 vol 28 c1898

The committee at a meeting summoned specially for the purpose by notice sent to each member of the committee fourteen clear days prior to the meeting of the time and place and object of such meeting may with the approval of the directors signified under the hand of their secretary alter any provisions of this scheme. Provided that notice of the intention to make any such alteration shall be sent to each contributing member, and that no such alteration shall take effect if it shall have been objected to in writing within one month after the date of such notice by one-fourth in number of such members. Provided also that no such alteration shall have the effect of increasing the contributions payable by the then existing contributing members or diminishing the benefits receivable by them under this scheme.

Amendments made: Leave out the word "fourteen" ["fourteen clear days prior to the meeting"], and insert instead thereof the words "twenty-eight."