HC Deb 28 July 1911 vol 28 cc1897-8

If any dispute shall arise between any member of the superannuation fund, or person claiming under or on account of any member or under this scheme and the committee except in respect of any matter left in the discretion of the committee the matter in dispute shall (unless the determination thereof is in this scheme other- wise expressly provided for) be referred in writing to some person not being directly or indirectly personally interested in the scheme to be named by the chairman for the time being of the Company and the decision of such person shall be final and conclusive and he shall be empowered to decide by whom any costs charges and expenses attending the reference including his own fee as the same shall be adjusted and settled by him shall be paid.

Amendment made: Leave out the words "chairman for the time being of the Company," and insert instead thereof the words "Junior Lord Ordinary of the Court of Session."