HC Deb 03 July 1911 vol 27 cc786-7

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Agriculture whether the maximum rate of pay given to skilled workmen employed on the Crown lands at Salay Forest is 15s. a week, with Christmas day as the only holiday in the year; whether, if they do not work on Good Friday or bank holidays, they lose their pay, and they are not allowed to work on wet days; and whether he will take the case of these men into his consideration with a view to bettering their conditions of employment?


I understand that "Salay" Forest is a misprint for Salcey. The men working in the Crown woods at Salcey are ordinary labourers. The ordinary daily wage is 2s. 4d. a day, but as far as possible the men are paid by piece work and their average wages would amount to 16s. a week, which is believed to be at least equal to the usual wages of similar labour in the district. It is customary in the district for men to work on bank holidays and, if required for looking after the woods, on Good Friday. If they do not work they do not receive pay for these days. They are not stopped from working on wet days, and if they work for part only of a day they are usually paid for a full day. I will, however, make further inquiries into the matter with which I am not satisfied.