HC Deb 15 February 1911 vol 21 c1042
Viscount WOLMER

asked what has been the monthly average of accidental deaths and of other accidental injuries in coal mines since the Eight Hours Act came into force; and what was the monthly average of deaths and accidents during the same period of time immediately prior to that date?


The monthly average of deaths from accidents in coal mines was 109 in 1908; for the first six months of 1909, 122; for the last six months, 114; for 1910, 147. The 1909 figures are approximate only. I would point out that the high figure for 1910 is due to the great disasters at Whitehaven and Bolton; excluding those and the Maypole disaster in 1908, the figures for the two years would be 103 for 1908 and 107 for 1910. Nor can any importance be attached to the comparisons between the first and last six months of 1909: the first six months included the West Stanley disaster, while during the last six months the industry was in an unsettled state, and the Act, moreover, was only partially in operation. Further, all the figures must be read with reference to the number of men employed and tons of mineral raised; these figures are not yet available for 1910. As regards non-fatal accidents, the figures for 1910 are not yet available.