HC Deb 14 December 1911 vol 32 c2506

asked the Chief Secretary whether his attention had been called to the fact that, in consequence of the notice of the Board of Works regarding Liscannor Harbour, £10,000 worth of stone was lying on the quay in default of a vessel to convey it to England, and over 200 workmen had been thrown out of employment; and whether he proposed to take any action in the matter?


The Commissioners of Public Works inform me that the harbour bottom is now as safe as it has ever been, and cannot be made safer by any reasonable expenditure of money. As stated in reply to the hon. Member's question on the 9th November, a vessel belonging to the quarry owners entered the harbour, landed a cargo, and left on the 27th October. It is, therefore, not understood why this accumulation of stone is allowed to continue.


Is it not a fact that as a consequence of the action of the Board of Works—they have spent £1,500, they have done no good, they have posted a notice that the harbour is unsafe, they have frightened off vessels which were in the habit of calling there——


The hon. Member's question is developing into a speech.