HC Deb 14 December 1911 vol 32 c2542

Perhaps the right hon. Gentleman will be prepared to make a statement about business?


We hope to be able to conclude all our business in time to have the Prorogation on Saturday. After the Foreign Office Debate is concluded to-day, we shall take the next two Orders on the Paper—the Telephone Transfer Amendment Bill and the Maritime Conventions Bill. We shall also take the Resolutions on the Paper dealing with the two mail contracts. Thereafter, we hope we shall be able to take the Lords Amendment to the Small Landholders (Scotland) Bill. We do not intend to proceed further this Session with the Merchant Shipping (Certificates) Bill, the Second Peace Conference (Conventions) Bill, and the Small Holdings and Allotments Bill. With regard to the Appellate Jurisdiction Bill, I understand that last night considerable feeling was expressed by hon. Members that at this time of the Session a measure of this nature should not be pressed without fuller opportunities for discussion. Under these circumstances—the time remaining at our disposal being so short—we shall not proceed further with this Bill. But we shall reintroduce it, and, I hope, pass it. To-morrow, after the discussion on the appointment of magistrates, we shall take certain Amendments to Bills coming from the Lords. On Saturday it will be necessary to have an early Sitting for the final disposal of Bills coming from the Lords. This will be at eleven o'clock, and there will be a sitting later on for the Prorogation. For the general convenience of the House, I may say we propose that the House shall prorogue until the 14th February.