HC Deb 17 August 1911 vol 29 cc2208-9

(1) The powers under the Education Act, 1902, of a local education authority for the purpose of Part III. of that Act, shall include a power to defray the whole or any part of the cost of providing lodging in convenient proximity to a public elementary school for any child who is resident in some outlying part of the area of the authority, and who will be unable to attend school unless such lodging is provided for him.

(2) No lodging shall be provided for any child under this section except at a place which has been approved by the parent of the child, and the local education authority may for the purposes of this section enter into an agreement with the parent of any child to defray part of the cost of lodging the child upon condition of the parent agreeing to defray the balance of the cost.

Any agreement so entered into shall be made so as to continue in force for such period, not being less than a school term, as may be provided by the agreement, and it shall be a term of the agreement that the parent shall not during the continuance of the agreement (except for some urgent cause) remove the child from the place provided as lodging.

(3) Every lodging provided under this section for any child shall, before the child is received therein, and subsequently from time to time, be inspected by some officer of the local education authority for the purpose of ascertaining that the lodging is properly fit for the reception of the child.

(4) In this section the expression "lodging" includes "board."


I beg to move to leave out Clause 4.

I promised, on the occasion of the Second Heading of the Bill, that if I could not meet certain objections raised by hon. Members opposite, I would move to omit the Clause. Unfortunately, I have not been able to meet those objections, and I therefore move.

Question, "That Clause 4 stand part of the Bill," put, and negatived.

Bill reported with Amendment; read the third time, and passed.