HC Deb 21 May 1910 vol 116 cc366-7

asked the Minister of Labour whether he is aware that Maud Bayley, of Old Moxley, Wednesbury, was prosecuted on 13th May for attempting to obtain a woman's policy; whether she produced her birth certificate for examination by the Exchange officials; whether her age was therefore known to the officials; whether the case was dismissed by the Court; whether the Court were of opinion there was no-attempt at fraud; whether the decision to prosecute was made by the manager of the Wednesbury Exchange; if not, by whom; and whether he will take steps to prevent such vexatious prosecutions being undertaken in the future?


I am making inquiries into the circumstances which led up to this prosecution, and will communicate the result to my hon. Friend as soon as possible. I am, however, in a position to say that the prosecution was undertaken through the Director of Public Prosecutions.

29. Mr. A. SHORT

asked the Minister of Labour whether May Sheldon, of 40, New Buildings, Queen Street, Wednesbury, has had her unemployment benefit stopped; whether she was asked to take domestic service; whether she was sent on 2nd May to the St. James's Rectory, Wednesbury, and the mistress declined to engage her on the ground that she was not strong enough; whether she was sent through the Aston Exchange, on 2nd May, to 54, Frederick Road, Aston, and the mistress declined her employment on the ground of her ill-health; whether, in both cases, the mistresses supplied her with letters to the afore-mentioned effect; whether she is still attending the tuberculosis dispensary, Wednesbury; whether the medical officer recommended light outdoor employment; whether all these facts were within the knowledge of the Department; and whether he will institute searching inquiry and, if confirmed, remedy this grave injustice?


I am causing inquiries to be made into this case, and will communicate the result to the hon. Member in due course.