HC Deb 31 March 1910 vol 15 cc1454-5

asked whether, in view of the strong feeling prevailing throughout the country against the exportation alive of decrepit and worn-out horses, the Government will, in spite of the Belgian statutory restrictions upon the importation of dead meat, introduce a Bill during the present Session compelling the slaughter of all such animals at the port of embarkation?


The Exportation of Horses Order of 1898 prohibits the conveyance in any vessel of any horse which cannot be so conveyed without cruelty during the intended passage and on landing. Any animal which is so diseased, or in such a physical condition that it cannot without cruelty be removed from the place to which it is brought for embarkation, can be dealt with and, if necessary, slaughtered by the police in conformity with the provisions of the Injured Animals Act, 1907. The Board do not think that any further legislation in the direction suggested is at present required.


Is it not fitting that the Government of this country, which boasts of its civilisation, should take the initiative in putting a stop not partially but wholly, to this disgusting traffic?