HC Deb 21 July 1910 vol 19 cc1411-2

And, in cases where the work is to be situate on the banks, foreshore, or bed of any river, a copy of so much of the plans and sections as relates to the portion of the work by which the banks, foreshore, or river-bed may be affected, shall, on or before the 30th day of November immediately preceding the application for the Bill, be deposited:—

  1. (1) If the river is in England or Wales at the Office of the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries;
  2. (2) Or, if the river is in Scotland at the Office of the Secretary for Scotland;
  3. (3) Or, if the river is in Ireland at the Irish Office, Westminster, and at the Office of the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland, Dublin;
  4. 1412
  5. (4) And, if there be a Board of Conservators constituted for the conservancy of the river, at the Office also of such Board.

And if the plans include any tunnel under or bridge over the river, the dimensions as regards depth below bed of the river, and span and headway, shall be marked thereon; and such plans shall be accompanied by an Ordnance Map of the country over which the works are proposed to extend or are to be carried, with their position and extent or route accurately laid down thereon.

Leave out the word "And" ["And, in cases."]

Leave out the word "the" ["in cases where the work "] and insert instead thereof the word "any."

After the word "work" ["in cases where the work"] insert the words "proposed to be authorised."

After the word "river" ["or bed of any river"] insert the words "in Scotland or Ireland."

Leave out Sub-section (1).

Sub-section (2), leave out the word "or" ["or, if the river"].