HC Deb 14 July 1910 vol 19 cc589-90
Mr. LONSDALE (for Mr. Charles Craig)

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland if he can state on what grounds the Estates Commissioners have refused to carry out the agreement for sale entered into by Sir Henry Burke with Michael Flynn, one of his tenants on the townland of Carrowduff, county Roscommon; whether he is aware that the judicial rent at the time of the attempted sale was £69, and that the Estates Commissioners refuse to advance more than £250, or about three and a half years' purchase, for the holding; whether he is aware that the surrounding tenants are willing to buy the farm through the Estates Commissioners at a price of £1,000; and whether he will call on the Estates Commissioners to reopen the case?


This estate was sold by Sir Henry Burke to the Estates Commissioners, who have no knowledge of any agreement for sale entered into between him and Michael Flynn. Before the Commissioners entered, into negotiations for the purchase of the estate Flynn agreed to surrender the evicted farm which he bolds for a sum to be fixed by the Commissioners, who offered him £250, not as an advance for the purchase of the fee simple, but as compensation for the surrender of his interest in the tenancy. Flynn, however, declined to accept this amount. He subsequently agreed with the adjoining tenants to sell his interest in the farm to the Commissioners, but when a scheme for its division was prepared he refused to carry out this arrangement also. The Commissioners have no information as to the alleged willingness of the adjoining tenants to give £1,000 for the farm.


Will the right hon. Gentleman ask the Estates commissioners to make inquiries?


I will.