HC Deb 11 July 1910 vol 19 c23

asked the President of the Board of Education what is the earliest date at which he will consider representations from the managers of the Towyn Church School urging the renewal of the former grant, now ceased; and whether, in view of the fact that the managers are maintaining the school at their own expense, including a new fully-qualified teacher, who commenced work on Monday last, and in view of the fact that more than fifty children are daily attending the school, he will recommence recognition of school at an early date?


It is open to any persons at any time to give notice under Section 8 of the Education Act, 1902, of their intention to provide a new school, and, should any appeal be presented against the proposal, it will be the duty of the Board of Education to decide the appeal. The school in question could only be placed on the grant list subject to the issue of notices under Section 8, which must run for three months. It is quite impossible for me to anticipate the decision of the Board on any such proposal.


asked the President of the Board of Education if he will state how many inspections in religious subjects of the children attending the Towyn Church School have been held in day school hours during the past two years; and, if any, who were the inspectors, what remuneration did they receive, by whom was this remuneration paid, and how many hours of compulsory attendance were occupied by these inspections; can he say if the children of parents of other denominations had to submit themselves to these inspections, or were any steps taken to ascertain the wishes of the parents in the matter; and whether the inspectors ascertained that denominational instruction was being competently given in this public elementary school according to the religious syllabus or trust deeds?


I have no information on any of the points referred to in the question.