HC Deb 24 February 1910 vol 14 cc334-5

asked the Chief Secretary whether he is aware that some of the inhabitants of the parish of Castlegar, Galway, have been subjected to annoyance and provocation for some time back by the head constable and police in the district; is he aware that Mr. James Delaney, on Tuesday last, when on his way to the railway station to attend an important meeting of the Clanricarde tenantry, was wantonly delayed by the head constable of police stationed in the district; is he aware that Mr. Delaney was searched, his clothes turned inside out, and his boots opened without a warrant or other legal authority; and whether he will state if instructions have been given to the police to insult and delay citizens, in the performance of public duties, in this manner?


I am not aware that the inhabitants of the district referred to have been subjected to annoyance or provocation as stated in the question. It is true that James Delaney, who is on bail awaiting trial at the next Assizes for circulating notices threatening certain graziers, was stopped by the head constable, who searched his pockets. His clothes were not, however, turned inside out, nor were his boots opened. The head constable acted with mistaken zeal under a misapprehension as to his powers, and he has been so informed. The answer to the concluding portion of the question is, of course, in the negative.