HC Deb 21 April 1910 vol 16 cc2311-2
Lord BALCARRES (for Mr. Alfred Lyttelton)

asked whether a White Paper was issued from the Colonial Office recording the conviction in East Africa of Captain Grogan for unlawful assembly and riot, and that no official record has been issued of the fact that the conviction aforesaid was quashed on appeal; and whether, seeing that improper and defamatory use has been made of the official record of the conviction, he will give equal publicity to the record of the quashing of the same on appeal?

Colonel SEELY

Captain Grogan's conviction for unlawful assembly is recorded in the correspondence presented to Parliament in July, 1907, Cd. 3562. The conviction was quashed on appeal on a technical point. The Government entered an appeal against this decision, but withdrew the appeal on the receipt of the expression of Captain Grogan's regret for the incident which formed the subject of the original trial and an undertaking that he would not bring any action against the Government or against any officer of the Government in connection with it. The Secretary of State is willing to lay Papers in continuation of Cd. 3562 if it can be shown that Captain Grogan is suffering as the result of the publication of Cd. 3562 without the subsequent Papers.