HC Deb 28 September 1909 vol 11 c1082

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty what boat of the service acted as stationnaire to the British Embassy at Constantinople; what were the age and tonnage of the yacht; and could he say how those figures as to age and tonnage compared with the boats used for the same purposes by the United States, Germany, and France?


H.M.S. "Imogene" acts as stationnaire to the British Embassy at Constantinople. She was launched in 1882, and her displacement is 460 tons. The "Scorpion," launched in 1896, and of 775 tons, fulfils a similar function for the United States; the "Loreley," launched in 1885, of 909 tons, for Germany; and the "Jeanne Blanche," launched in 1894, of 540 tons, for France.