HC Deb 21 September 1909 vol 11 cc214-5

asked the Under-Secretary for the Colonies if his attention has been called to the fact that the Transvaal Government have appointed a small commission to visit Westphalia, Germany, for the purpose of ascertaining whether the men employed in the collieries there are suitable for the Transvaal mines; that there are at the present moment hundreds of good miners unemployed in the Transvaal; and, if so, whether he can see his way clear to approach the Transvaal Government in regard to the matter?

The UNDER-SECRETARY for the COLONIES (Colonel Seely)

The Secretary of State has no information as to the appointment of any Commission for the purpose stated, but inquiry will be made.


Do I understand that I shall have an answer when the information is received?

Colonel SEELY

If the hon. Member will put down a question I will give him all the information we can obtain.


Is it a case in which the Transvaal Government could make inquiries?

Colonel SEELY

I do not know anything about the matter. If the hon. Gentleman has any information which he can give me I shall be very glad if he will do so.


What is the meaning of the word "approach" in this question? What power does this Government claim to interfere with the Transvaal Government on such a question as this?


The hon. Member must put that question to the hon. Member below him who used the word.