HC Deb 08 September 1909 vol 10 cc1294-5

asked the President of the Board of Education whether the Board is in communication with the London County Council regarding the transference of the headmaster of the Portland Council school to the Barrett-street school; whether the inquiry regarding the organisation of these schools has now been begun, and when is it likely to be finished; and whether the Board of Education is pressing the London County Council to appoint a new properly qualified head for the Portland Council school on the ground that, if this is not done, the understanding arrived at between the Board of Education and the London County Council will be violated, and the Portland Council school will permanently suffer?


The Board have communicated with the London County Council as to the appointment of a properly qualified head teacher to the Portland School, and the council have informed them that no action has been taken in the matter of appointing a permanent headmaster, but that the question of the staffing of the school will be considered by the Education Committee at an early meeting after the recess, and that meanwhile the second master is in charge. The second master is a certificated teacher, and is, therefore, qualified under the Code for recognition as a head teacher. As I have already stated, I consider the action of the council to be inconvenient, but I cannot regard it as a breach of their undertaking that the question of reorganisation shall be left in abeyance pending the inquiry to be held by the Board. I anticipate that the inquiry will take place during the course of next month.