HC Deb 26 October 1909 vol 12 cc846-7

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what steps are usually taken by the Treasury to recover the cost of game and other licences from persons who admit their liability, but have neglected to take them out at the proper time; if a fine is, in certain circumstances, charged in addition; and for how many years past can the duty be recovered?


The Treasury does not intervene in this matter. The authorities charged with the administration and collection of these licence duties are in England and Wales the county councils, and in Scotland and Ireland the Board of Customs and Excise. Persons who neglect to take out licences at the proper time incur penalties, and may be proceeded against for recovery of the same, where sufficient evidence is available. It is, however, open to the authorities at their discretion to give to a person who has omitted to discharge his liability at the proper time the option of paying any arrears that may be due with or without the addition of a fine as an alternative to proceedings in court for recovery of the prescribed penalty. The time within which legal proceedings in a Court of Summary jurisdiction can be taken is six months from the date of offence.


Will the right hon. Gentleman draw the attention of the authorities to the case quoted by the Chancellor of the Exchequer affecting himself?

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