HC Deb 08 October 1909 vol 11 cc2411-2

For the purposes of this Part of this Act the expression "agriculture and rural industries" includes agriculture, horticulture, dairying, the breeding of horses, cattle, and other live stock and poultry, the cultivation of bees, home and cottage industries, the cultivation and preparation of flax, and any industries immediately connected with and subservient to any of the said matters.

Mr. CULLINAN moved, after the word "flax" ["the cultivation and preparation of flax"], to insert the words, "the cultivation and manufacture of tobacco."

So far as I can gather from the wording of the Clause, tobacco might be included. Tobacco cultivation has been taken up with great interest in Ireland recently. It shows an immense improvement, and I know tobacco plantations where a considerable amount of labour is employed.


I beg to second the Amendment.


I think in many parts of the Kingdom there are hopes that the cultivation of tobacco may become an important industry, and I have no objection therefore to the Amendment.

Amendment agreed to.


I beg to move to add, at the end of the Clause, the words "including water supplies for agricultural purposes."

This is a matter of great interest to people in Ireland and England and Scotland. I do not think it is too much to ask that where there is great dearth of water a grant should be given for the purpose of developing schemes for raising water, and also for the purpose of irrigation. I ask the Solicitor-General whether he cannot include an Amendment for that purpose in this Bill? Before I proposed this Amendment I communicated with the Board of Agriculture in Ireland, and asked them about the different water supplies in the country, and I found them most sympathetic, and I am sure if the Vice-President of the Department of Agriculture in Ireland (Mr. T. W. Russell) were here this afternoon he would support this Amendment. I trust, therefore, the Solicitor-General may accept it.


I have had no communication from the Department of Agriculture in Ireland on the subject.

Amendment negatived.