HC Deb 01 October 1909 vol 11 cc1627-9

Where the assets of the deceased consist of lands agreed to be sold under the provisions of the Land Purchase (Ireland) Acts, but in respect of which the purchase money has not been paid into the Bank of Ireland, such assets shall be deemed to be realty for the purposes of this Act, but the duties payable thereon shall in all such cases, and without registration or notice of any kind, be a charge upon the unpaid purchase money.

At the present time, where a landlord has not signed an agreement for his tenants to purchase, he has a certain number of years in which to pay—


I am not fully informed about this matter, but I think this point has already been covered.


The first part is undoubtedly covered by what we disposed of just now, but there is a part not covered, and if the hon. Member will allow it to stand over, I will consider it between now and the Report stage.


I submit that no part of my Amendment is covered. What is covered is the interest of the tenant. This Amendment deals with the interest of the landlord, and it suggests that where agreements are signed the property should be treated as realty. I hope the right hon. Gentleman will undertake to consider this proposal, which can be defended on principles of justice.


I hope, too, the right hon. Gentleman will give the point favourable consideration.


This is really the converse case to what has already been covered. It is not a very extensive matter, but I do think that where land held under a settlement is realised, and the money obtained has to be re-invested in land, it would be as well to say it should be treated as realty.


I think the hon. Member is quite right, and as the right hon. Gentleman has pointed out, it is the converse of the previous case. I should not like to commit myself to the actual words, but I accept the principle, and if the hon. Member will withdraw his proposal at this stage I will see that words are brought up to cover the case which is purely the converse of the other one.


So far as I regard it the case is not purely an Irish one.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

Mr. REMNANT moved to insert the following:—