HC Deb 01 October 1909 vol 11 c1613

Whenever, by reason of the increase of the duties in this Section, the holder of a licence in England to which the Licensing Act of 1904 applies is, in the opinion of the Commissioners, obliged to discontinue his business, he shall be entitled to compensation under the Licensing Act of 1904 as if the renewal of his licence had been refused under Sub-section (2) of the said Act.


This Clause is outside the scope of the Bill.


This day week I raised a question on Clause 67 as to whether that Clause, which made a change in the Licensing Act of 1904, was not outside the scope of the Finance Bill, and you held that it was not, for Sections 33 and 36 of this Bill altered in a number of respects the Licensing Act of 1904. I submit that my Clause goes no further than any of these Clauses, and as it deals with a matter of some importance I would ask leave to move the Amendment.


In regard to Subsection (2) of Clause 67, I would point out that that was a question of an appearance on the part of the Treasury in connection with a matter to which other Clauses in the Bill relate. In regard to the right hon. Gentleman's new Clause, I would say that, although the situation indicated may arise from the taxation imposed by this Bill, the proposal would upset the provisions of the Licensing Act of 1904. In my opinion it goes a great deal further than the other Sub-section, and is not within the scope of this Bill.

Mr. HUNT moved to insert the following:—