HC Deb 24 November 1909 vol 13 cc323-4

Subject to the provisions of this Act—

(1) Any established officer or servant of the first class who has been in the service of an asylum for not less than fifteen years, and is not less than fifty years old, or who is permanently incapacitated for asylum duties after ten years' service by injury or illness, mental or bodily, medically certified and not attributable to his own misconduct, shall be entitled, on resigning or otherwise ceasing to hold office or employment, to receive during life a superannuation allowance, the annual amount of which shall be computed at the rate of one-fiftieth of his salary or wages and emoluments for each completed year of service:

Lords Amendment: After the word "life" ["to receive during life"], to insert the words "or incapacity."


I have to point out to the House that this and a very large number of the Amendments that follow are privileged Amendments, because they propose an additional gratuity for injuries, and some of them contain provisions for reckoning the amount of service, and impose further conditions in reference to pensions. About one-third of them are privileged Amendments.


These Amendments were made, I take it, in furtherance of the objects of the Bill, but do not materially affect its character. They supply machinery which was, perhaps, to some extent, lacking in the form of the Bill as it left this House, and I move that the House, in accordance with numerous precedents, do not insist on its privilege in this case.


The Clerk will make an entry in the JOURNAL.

Lords Amendments agreed to.

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