HC Deb 25 May 1909 vol 5 c1032

The following Bills were presented and read the first time:—

Mr. T. W. RUSSELL—Merchandise Marks (Ireland).—Bill to enable the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland to undertake prosecutions in certain cases under the Merchandise Marks Act, 1887. (To be read a second time on 15th June.)

Mr. Bums—Milk and Dairies.—Bill to make better provision with respect to the sale of milk and the regulation of dairies. (To be read a second time on 10th June.)

Mr. Burs—County Councils Mortgages. —Bill to remove certain limitations on the borrowing by a county council by way of mortgage under the Local Government Act, 1888. (To be read a second time on 10th June.)

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