HC Deb 04 May 1909 vol 4 c880

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India whether the agitation against the Government in Bengal was proved in the Alipur case to have commenced before the administrative subdivision of the old province of that name; whether the participation of Messrs. Krishna and Aswini Kumar in the political agitation which has resulted in so much crime and disturbance is not matter of common knowledge; and, if the answer to these questions be in the affirmative, whether the Government will on public grounds take them into account when the question arises of determining the detention of the December deportees?


May I ask, on a point of order, Mr. Speaker, whether, in view of the fact that this matter is sub judice, an answer may not be to the prejudice of parties concerned, and whether, under those circumstances, it is in order to put this question?


I think it is undesirable to put a question relating to any matter which is sub judice. If an answer would be to the prejudice of a person it would be improper to answer. But it does not appear on the face of this question that that would be so. I am sure the hon. Gentleman in replying to the question will be careful to say nothing which will prejudice either side.


The answer I will give will be of a very nebulous type. The Government of India will take into account such facts in the history of the agitation as are relevant when the question referred to arises.