HC Deb 03 May 1909 vol 4 c735

asked how many candidates were on the list of the Government for the office of resident magistrate recently filled by the appointment of Mr. Herbert Walker, and the salary of the office; was this gentleman employed on a tea plantation in India, and has he any other qualifications; and has the Lord Lieutenant been satisfied with his legal qualifications in the event of his being required to act under the Prevention of Crime (Ireland) Act?


There are a large number of candidates for the office of resident magistrate in Ireland. The salary attached to the office commences at £425, and rises to £675 a year, with allowances of £108 a year. Mr. Walker was engaged on a tea plantation in India, and performed magisterial duties there. He repeatedly acted as substitute for the magistrate of the district in his absence. Since his return to Ireland, Mr. Walker has been a temporary inspector under the Local Government Board, and has conducted public inquiries on behalf of the Board with great ability. The question of his being specially selected by the Lord Lieutenant as a legally qualified resident magistrate within the meaning of the Criminal Law and Procedure (Ireland) Act, 1887, has not arisen.


Can the right hon. Gentleman state if Mr. Walker is the last of the class possessing the very special qualifications which have recently been necessary to obtain a post in Ireland as a resident magistrate?


I should not like to say anyone was the last of any kind.

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