HC Deb 30 March 1909 vol 3 cc187-8

The following Bills were presented and read a first time:—

Mr. DICKINSOX—Metropolitan Sewers and Drains.—Bill to amend the Metropolis Management Acts with respect to Sewers and Drains. (To be read a second time, 3rd May.)

Mr. CLELAND—Registration of Nurses (Scotland).—Bill to establish and make Regulations to provide for a Register of Nurses in Scotland. (To be read a second time, 5th April.)

Mr. DICKINSON—Town Tenants.—Bill to improve the position of Tenants of certain houses, shops, and other buildings in Great Britain.

Mr. SECBETAEX GLADSTONE—Cinematograph.—Bill to make better provision for securing safety at Cinematograph and other exhibitions. (To be read a second time, 1st April.)

Mr. JAMKS GIBB—Municipal Representation.—Bill to authorise the introduction of Proportional Representation in Municipal Election; and for other purposes. (To be read a second time, 3rd May.)