HC Deb 29 March 1909 vol 3 c6

asked, in view of the result of the case of Gillespie v. Riddell, in which it was held that an heir of entail was not bound by any obligation on the part of his predecessor to take over sheep stock, and in view of the statement made by the Lord Advocate on 9th December last to a deputation from the Scottish Chamber of Agriculture, whether the Government proposed to take any action, legislative or otherwise, so as to ensure that a tenant who entered upon a lease under which obligations were secured in his favour should have security that these obligations would be implemented at the end of his tenancy?


If the Government can be assured on the part of those whose interests are involved in the question which was decided in the case referred to, that there is a measure of practical unanimity with regard to the character of the legislative remedy desired, they will be prepared to consider what steps can be taken to, secure the object mentioned in the hon. Gentleman's question.