HC Deb 29 June 1909 vol 7 cc222-3

asked the Postmaster-General whether he has looked into the memorial of the people of Ballysimon, county Limerick, asking that the post office in that district be reopened; whether complaint has been made of the hardship imposed on the people by reason of the distance they must travel in order to get money orders, stamps, etc.; and whether, taking all the circumstances into account, he can see his way to again reopen this office so that an end may be put to the inconvenience that now exists?


I have carefully considered the question of reopening this office. I find that the value of the stamps sold at the Ballysimon office averaged only about a shilling a day, the postal order transactions only one a week, while only one parcel a week was posted. The postman will now carry and sell stamps, and will accept parcels, and will obtain postal orders on requisition. In these circumstances, I do not think that the closing of the office will cause any serious inconvenience, and I regret that the business is quite insufficient to justify the expense of keeping up the office, especially in view of the fact that the Postal service in the locality is carried on at a heavy loss to Revenue.


Arising out of the right hon. Gentleman's very unfavourable answer, if the people of this locality guarantee the Post Office against any loss will he reconsider the question?


I will consider the point, but I am afraid the whole of the transac- tions in this office are so very minute that the guarantee will not be found to meet the position. I shall be glad to consider any proposal the hon. Member makes.


It is a very serious matter for the people of the locality.


I wish to ask you, Sir, whether it is in order for an hon. Member to describe the answer of the right hon. Gentleman as an unfavourable answer? I ask the question because, unfortunately, I have on a former occasion incurred your censure for using an almost identical term.


Obviously, it is undesirable, and also disorderly, to comment upon the answers received. Hon. Members must keep their opinions to themselves.