HC Deb 28 June 1909 vol 7 c36

May I respectfully ask under which Standing Order the hon. Baronet the Member for the City of London was able, on the commencement of the Report Stage of the Sunday Closing Bill on Friday, to submit a Motion that it be re-committed to a Committee of the whole House; whether that Motion does not create a new precedent; and whether it will be competent in future for any hon. Member to make this dilatory Motion at the commencement of the Report stage of any Bill that has been committed to a Standing Committee?


In reply to the hon. Gentleman, I have to direct his attention to Standing Order 50, which contemplates exactly what took place on Friday last, and, for the convenience of the House, I might be allowed to read it:— All Bills which shall have been committed to one of the said Standing Committees shall, when reported to the House, be proceeded with as if they had been reported from a Committee of the whole House; provided only, that all Bills reported from a Standing Committee, whether amended or not, shall be considered on report by the House without Question put, unless the Member in charge thereof desire to postpone its consideration, or a Motion be made to re-commit the Bill. It was in accordance with that Standing Order that the hon. Member moved the Motion.

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