HC Deb 29 July 1909 vol 8 c1348
Mr. JAMES PARKER (on behalf of Mr. John Ward)

asked the Home Secretary whether he has received any report of an explosion having occurred on the new dock works, Swansea, by which two lads were injured, one fatally; and, if so, can he give any facts as to the cause and circumstances of the accident?


I understand the question to refer to an accident which happened on the 10th April last to two boys named Robinson and Mayne. I have received a report from the Factory Inspector, who was present at the inquest, from which it appears that Robinson and other lads were playing on the dock premises with some loose carbide of calcium, which they had obtained from a hut on the premises. An explosion followed, and Robinson received injuries from which he subsequently died. The matter is not one in regard to which my Department has any power of control, but I understand the manager has promised to keep all loose carbide in future securely locked.