HC Deb 29 July 1909 vol 8 cc1344-5

asked whether it has been usual for many years for the Protestants of Maguiresbridge, county Fermanagh, to erect arches and have band-playing in the town of Maguiresbridge on the 12th July, and that until last year or the year before there never was any objection to arches or band; and, seeing that the Catholics of county Fermanagh each year have indulged in band-playing and other amusements on their holiday, 15th August, without any disturbance or interruption, will he explain why the police on 12th July last prevented the erection of arches at Maguiresbridge, and caused bitterness of feeling between people who had never previously interfered with one another's bands or processions on the appropriate days?


I am aware that band-playing and the erection of arches on 12th July has long been the custom in Maguires- bridge. The police, acting under instructions issued in the interests of peace and good order, prevented the erection of an arch where its presence was calculated to be offensive and provocative. This action was intended, not to create, but to mitigate bitterness of feeling, and in the opinion of the Government it had the latter and not the former effect.